måndag 19 november 2012

Mittens, lots of mittens

It's getting colder and colder for every day and the family members asked for new mittens. Strange pairs of mittens... The man of my life wanted a pair of male half-mittens for use in his extremely cold office(shame on that boss! but well... I can fix that). He also needed a beanie because a few years ago moth punched the old one (!). And a few pairs of lace half-mittens to give away sometime.
The little daughter asked for new girlie-girlie Norwegian mittens with sloppy cuffs(sloppy cuffs, I refuse to to that! Well I got an explanation: to be able to quickly take them off when playing... aha...well, I can fix that).
A halv Swedish, half Norwegian two years little old man has grown out of the previous mittens I knitted when he was born, so I made him a new pair in soft baby merino.
And finally, test knits for my new project, felted mittens for any wooly yarn.

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