lördag 28 augusti 2010

Barbie's coctail dress

If I can add lace and frills I can accept knitting Barbie clothing. This time Barbie, or rather Merliah, the role Barbie is playing in the latest surfing movie got a new dress. Yes it's true, Barbie is a moviestar... Well, this Barbie actually has toes where the toenails turn pink when wet. Standard Barbie shoes don't fit, so this'll be the Barbie beach coctail dress :-)

Poncho, time for the edging

The edging is almost half-way done. I has been terrible weather today.

onsdag 25 augusti 2010


Fall is arriving, so I decided to knit a poncho. Ponchos are very trendy at the moment, but I was never fond of them earlier. It took some time for me to put a shawl on, and now I wear one almost every day, so maybe if I go into training I can do the same with a poncho? Certainly if it is a Rowan Kid Silk Haze poncho made completely in Shetland lace technique. I must tell you a little secret, I have become a bit too aware of the appearance of the finished details so I am purling every other row knitting it in the round to avoid the seam. Yes, of course I could have sticked to stockinette stitches, but that wouldn't be the same, so I am purling, and purling instead of just knitting a garter stitch item! So if I like the design very much I can stand a little inconvenience. By the way... I look forward to make the tassles :-), this time they are in the pattern from start. I like the pattern!

måndag 23 augusti 2010


It's time for a little reunion. Some of the "pupils" of the knitting class I held this winter have asked for some inspiration and help to get started on new projects. So, I have plenty of space in my office and I would appreciate some knitting company. Therefore I have started asking, the most eager knitters, if they would like to come over.

I have stashed a lot of yarn and written a couple of patterns.

Welcome! and don't forget to bring the result of the knitting class :-)

If you were not invited it was because the number of seats are limited, but go ahead and tell me if you want this knitting evening to take place again!

söndag 8 augusti 2010


I have started knitting in cottton. The fantastic Herbert Niebling Lyra. It will not be suitable as a shawl (cotton is not luxurious enough for my taste). Neither will it be a doily ( I am not a table cover up kind of person, is that because I am a mom?). No, it is a surprise project which I hope I can finish if I find the accessories required...

Miralda No 2

I knitted the second Miralda in less than 8 days. This time I have chosen a more dense yarn which I doubled and a smaller needle. What I did not change was the additional tassles.

This is a lovely shawl, but I think it needs my correctments to the pattern. Both because it makes it a little bit larger and because the centre corner looks better this way and all the shawl is symmetric. I prefer symmetry.