måndag 24 maj 2010


Hey, I got an award! Thank you Darlings!

...there are also tasks attached to the reward. Send the reward to XXX bloggers and publish the 10th picture you uploaded to your blog.

I want to award my friend Maria. She has a lovely blog and a beautiful garden and a beautiful view and I always have a place to stay when the hotels are full booked :-) Thxs!
...and here it is, again :-), my 10th picture: Lady slippers (what did I think of when I wrote that? An orchid I suppose!)

Purple rain continues

Centre is half way done and I love it!

Ice cream, anyone?

Another toy for my daughter (actually knitted in Stickarboden, first item). It's a free Ravelry pattern called Scooped. It is supposed to be a waffer cone with two scoops of ice cream. Well, kids have no problem seeing that's an ice cream so if you can't see the resemblance you have probably left childhood for good (poor thing).

torsdag 13 maj 2010

Moving in, The Office

Today, the feast of the Ascension day I am starting to move into my office. Yesterday the electrician electrified the inner room. He made such an amazing job with parts autenthic to the early days.

After cleaning the place up, my daughter and I spent hours of knitting and sketching. And for the first time in two weeks I could surf on the internet with my BlackBerry...! I was really angry with my service provider yesterday and sacked them :-)

tisdag 11 maj 2010

Purple rain, Queen Susan progress

One week later I have progressed two pattern repeats of the centre. 30cm in total slightly dressed which means 11 repeats will give a too long centre. I have decided to reduce into 8. 8x46rows+25first rows of a repeat +2x6rows at start and finish=397stitches. Perfect, I can pick upp 3 stitches per 2rows as I did on the wide bordered shawl which centre is not very different from this one.

Fantastic cashmere halo! I hope this yarn will be in stock again at Colourmart.


I went shopping a few orchids for my office. Though, the handy guys never show up and the plants have to stay in my kitchen for a while. I don't mind, they are lovely. Burrageara Nelly Isler(red) and Miltoniopsis Herralexandre. Hybrids, but really nice ones.

tisdag 4 maj 2010

Queen Susan, attempt #2

My new Colourmart yarn arrived today. It's a 2/56nm (I'm not kidding, from 1kg it is spun 56000m which is plied, leaving 28000m/kg!) gossamer 70% cashmere 30% silk yarn Jaipur from Cariaggi. Lovely soft. Lovely colour. Lovely sheen.
So, I just had to restart the Queen Susan shawl. Just look at that thread of a yarn over my finger! Tiny-winy.

Two weeks lace

Last shawl is finished. It took less than two weeks to design and knit, so its name must be Two Weeks Lace Shawl :-)

46.5g 2/28nm Grignsaco MerinoSilk. Did I say I love that yarn?