fredag 22 maj 2009

Princess status May 2009

The princess border is some slow knitting. A row can take about half an hour. I have finished the first chart of the border, but there are two more to go. No problem, I am not in a hurry with this object. I realized, when knitting the edging, that rushing this item kills the enthusiasm (frogging a row of 700+ stitches is not fun). Maybe I'll skip the upper 20 rows to decrease the height slightly. Maybe I'll change the centre pattern too. I am not very fond of the Princess shawl centre, but I'll probably use the pattern anyway. Maybe I'll change my mind about it?

Doritis pulcherima keiki

Not knitting this time :-). My Doritis pulcherima has got its first keiki. The plant is still in bloom and the keiki seems to have started at the base of a previous flower.
The background is my partner's Ford Cortina... which has gone through engine shift, a lot of remedial work and hopefully it will be registered as a vehicle again in june. Good luck!

Malabrigo lace

The Malabrigo lace yarn is wonderful. Though a surprise is the inelasticity, even tough blocking won't increase the size. I was planning on knitting a bolero to myself, but it seems like the size will fit my daughter :-D. No worries, it's about time she gets a knitted item from me.

tisdag 5 maj 2009

Yarn present!

Look what I got in the mail today. What a surprise! The most fantastic lace yarn I have ever seen, and softer than the softest of merino wool. The color is so me :-) Thank you very much Katrine, it really arrived when I needed a friend out there...

Princess progress

Princess shawl status: