måndag 30 april 2012

Shocking pink Lingonberry ;Leaf Triangle.

Shocking pink Lingonberry ;Leaf Triangle.
I got some help photographing this shawl after these pictures were taken. My partner took out a hammer and some nails and... Yes he literally nailed it! just put a nail through the lace and rrrrrriiipppp. Two months of knitting... And he was only being nice and helpful as always. I had to take a moment on my own. Next time I'll do the scenography myself. And -Yes! I managed to fix it, but it'll never be whole again :-)

måndag 23 april 2012

Felted mittens

I got more flowers on my Burrageara Nelly Isler orchid. Less colourful items are these knitted felted mittens I made a couple of months ago. They were so ugly befor they passed the washing machine that I had problems forgiving them. After felting I had to crochet a little edging to the rim to compensate for the ugly pre-wash stage. Now they a very cute and they are forgiven.
At Esters café I bought this Firttilaria uva-vulpis (uva-vulpis seems to be a grape that tastes like fox...). It sits on my windowsill with some of my precious seedlings waiting for warmer days.

The mitten and the kitten

I seem to have an urge for colors these days.
This is another pair of Norwegian Torpavotter "my way". Purple and orange with tassels.

Springtime Lingonberry Leaf Shawl

I'm longing for the garden to wake up from winter hibernation! I have a huge project in front of me to start arranging a new garden because I left my old one last year. Waiting for the flowers I needed a new project, something fun in a crazy flowery color to knit and I decided to have another go with my Lingonberry Leaf shawl. My Knit Pro Rose haven't been kind to me and this yarn, but still I decided to keep going to test my patience. 15/4 it was finally time for the beautiful outer edging and 22/4 I started on the inner edging. I must say the outer edging is fun to knit! Elaborate but easy to knit in the TV sofa. Over two months ago the Cranes arrived. I think they're on eggs somewhere because only the male bird takes the daily stroll through the garden nowadays.