tisdag 8 september 2015

Second Klässbol Linen Jewel

Another two weeks have passed and another Klässbol linen Estonian Jewel shawl is blocked. This time it's knitted in a creamy white color.

tisdag 25 augusti 2015

Finished Klässbol Linen Estonian Jewel

It's finished! I got obsessed with this yarn (thread) so I couldn't stop knitting. 14 days sharp, that's what it took from the yarn purchase to the finished and blocked shawl.

When I blocked it, it turned from something that looked like a dish cloth into the sheerest of shawls with fantastic drape. It's shiny too without being glossy. Absolutely a fantastic combination of Estonian knitting tradition and something that feels very Swedish to me.

måndag 10 augusti 2015

Värmland, linen and knitting thread again

This weekend I took a trip to Klässbols Linneväveri. Among other purchases, surprisingly, I came home with another cone of yarn (thread). 1-ply, pure linen (not my normal preference, one may think but...) just look at this! It's my heritage, it's from my beautiful Värmland and it's just gorgeous. I had to start test knitting immediately, and the result is absolutely beautiful! A shining lustrous crisp sample of my Estonian Jewel pattern. I just have to complete this one!
You can keep on travelling the world, but I find everything I need at home.

tisdag 31 mars 2015

Fourth Poncho

Yet another poncho. I love this pattern, I just don't know what to do with this garment. I Think I'll just put it in my treasure chest for a while.

tisdag 3 mars 2015

Fårfest i Kil 2015

I've had so much fun this weekend at the annual Fårfest in Kil! talking about knitting and crocheting. Thank you all for stoppning a while in Lammbaren, watching, feeling and listening to my handicraft life. Thank you so much Carina Olsson at Kulturcentrum/slöjd for inviting me! Värmland is a lucky county having you on board! And I'm really proud of you all arranging the festivities in Kil, it's impressive what you have achieved!

onsdag 28 januari 2015

Tangle teezer

I don't like the way headsets tangles up in the handbag. People don't have time to wait for me trying to get the cord separated from all other stuff I bring around. They hang up, just as I manage to detangle. Solution to the problem: just knit an icord around the cable. It made magic to my answering speed! Just an hour of my life, watching TV while knitting and here it is: my own tangle teezer.

Poncho, No 4

Obviously I have lots of patience. I have just started my fourth poncho. The first one my daughter took over, the second is mine, the third I actually gave away and the fourth I'm just knitting because I found the inspiration in the foyer at Medborgarhuset before Circus Cirkör's performance Knitting Peace in Säffle last weekend. It was supposed to be a knitting café in the foyer, but it turned out to be placed right in a scenographic display of white knitted and crocheted Items.