söndag 26 augusti 2012

CrocoMobile mobile and headset covers, pop corn, cake and friendship bracelet

This weekend quite many projects have been started and completed. No knitting but we have had really fun. The inspiration came from this wonderful blog: Kungenomajkis Crocodile crochet (...must be a lizzard...) is a very useful stitch as a mobile bumper. I ran out of yarn at the first stitch test, but it became a very handy bluetooth headset bag. The headset always sneeks into the darkest corner of my handbag, but now I am able to find it!
My daughter ordered Pop corn and a cake. She did the sewing on her own and even made a plate for the oven she made in the workshop... I wonder how that happened, I certainly didn't hold the hammer...
A bracelet with cute hearts, maybe the next will be a bit more even I hope.