fredag 17 september 2010


A little present was delivered to my garden last week. A huge pumpkin! I have been growing a pumpkin quite close to where this is placed and we really fooled a couple of people that the size suddenly got supersized. My pumkin is about a handball big...

Estonian stars

Another tassled estonian type of lace shawl, but this time my own design with more nuppy rows. The shawl is knitted in 2/16nm angora-merino from Colourmart. A yarn that bloomed a lot when washed the first time. 4mm Addi lace needles were used. The yarn has a little marl effect which is subtle and I liked the yarn very much.

fredag 10 september 2010

Turquoise evening

We had a cosy evening yesterday. First we made home made play dough and then it was time for baking and knitting. Our hobbies were matched in colours!

2.5 dl of flour (wheat)
1 dl of salt
1 tablespoon citric acid (powder)

2.5 dl water
1 tablespoon cooking oil
houshold colour

to boiling temperature and add the flour mixture and work it for a couple of minutes when it has cooled off a little.

There it is, your own home made play dough! Good luck!

... and yes, it is another turquoise shawl of my own composition. Stars of nupps.

torsdag 2 september 2010

Finished poncho

The poncho is finished, and I just love it!


Next one coming up is the Annis shawlette from The yarn is an angora-merino mixture, 2/16nm bought from (though, I suspect the angora to be cashmere, but I don't mind cashmere :-)). I added two nuppy rows, I like nupps. To be honest, this is a small size... scarf, not a shawl. If I would do it again I would turn on every stitch or every other, but every third gives a too small shoulder warmer. Though, my 6-year old loved it. She uses it every day and she has never accepted scarfs before. Says something about the softness of this yarn, doesn't it?

With a little bit of make-up...

With a little bit of make-up...


And after: