fredag 23 september 2011

Crocheted carpet

For my daughter's new room I have crocheted a carpet from a kit by FROSTA Design. It has about 70cm diameter and took only a couple of hours to crochet. The hevy weight yarn (rope?) probably looked very easy to crochet with, so my 7-years old daughter asked for some of the yarn and a crochet hook. Once she got hold of it she started crocheting and she is still going strong... it is now at least a 20m long chain :-).


To match the new winter clothing for my daughter I am knitting a pair of Torpavotter from the Norwegian place Gjövik. 2mm needles and two balls of Rauma Inca Alpakka, then I just followed the adult version of the pattern. 5 pattern repeats before the thumb and 8 before the take-in part starts. They're very thick and I will skip the sewing on the inside else they will be too small for her. Next time maybe 2.5mm will be better suited to get more space for the sewn on lining (or does anyone know how the Estonains/Lithuanians get the lining yarn knitted in while the mittens are knitted?). I will knit more of those! Lacking the thumb gusset this is a quite quick knit. And easy. The instruction gives a neat star-shaped pattern at the fingertips.

torsdag 22 september 2011

More cuffs

I have to stock these cuffs of my own design, they have become popular gifts. See where the pattern can be downloaded.

And another pair:

Rådisar from Kalle K, Kalikå

Plenty of projects have passed my hands this summer, but nothing has been published. It is time to show them off, even if everything isn't knitted. I'll start with the cute rats. The orange one I made before my daughter was born, but this summer she finally started to play with it. Actually, it is not just a toy, it is a sleeping aid too which according to my daughter needed a friend. Sometimes you just have to check your stash when inspiration hits you and there, at the very bottom, some brown velour saw the daylight after a long hibernation. The pattern and instruction is from a book which is out of stock called Kalle K och hans vänner. It is from the shop in Stockholm named Kalikå. The book is a treasure!