onsdag 8 april 2009

Pink Esto-Shetland hybrid shawl

I started knitting this hybrid shawl at the beginning of March and it was finished before April started. It has a mixture of Estonian patterns knitted in garter stitch, the Shetland lace way (Lingonberry pattern from Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush and traditional Fan and Feather). The edging is, as usual, the Clematis edging from Sharon Millers Heirloom Knitting but this time I adjusted the pattern to perfect symmetry. The yarn is the pale pink Grignasco MerinoSilk. It was knitted on KnitPro 3.5mm interchangeables, so it is a bit lacier than the grey Cobweb Crepe shawl I knitted 2008 on size 3(?) Addi Lace circulars. I prefer Addi Lace, but they do not pass the airport security as easily. It was a relaxed lace knitting piece making me longing for re-starting the Princess shawl edging. The Princess status is 43 edging pattern repeats out of 66 are finished, meaning I have decided to make 9 feathers instead of 11, otherwise it'll be too large to wear for a pygmé like me :-).