måndag 28 mars 2011

Wrist warmers

I popped in at the Husfliden store in Drammen today, and the owner really has stashed up with new yarns. I just couldn't resist this... ecological yarn. It pretty much looks like something in between cashmere and angora but it is much softer. Nice fluffy halo, a bit dry feeling and matte finish. I bought it with sparkling fibres (sequin it was called) but unfortunately it is not visible when taking photos of it. The "sequins" consist of something that looks like sari glitter fibres that are randomly spinned into the yarn. Beautiful! I think it'll make nice presents (yes it was a success!).

Lace up your apple!

I am not sure why I knit such things... I used to hate knitted unuseful things, but since I became a mom and I got a little fan club of young girls that really appreciate the knitted toys I make it has grown into a habit.

This is an apple cozy, to prevent the apple to get brown areas when being transported, and to save the handbag from stains too.

I had no instruction, just made it up while knitting. I garter stitched it to make the decreases and increases less visible and crocheted laces and green leaves around the opening.

måndag 21 mars 2011

Tell me about your disasters!

Oh my godness, the yarn snapped off after only 5 Love Darg edging tips. I can't really blame it on the yarn being too weak, no at the contrary it is quite strong (for being spun 40000m/kg...) it just couldn't bear the weight of the cone. Does this mean I should wind off a piece (no, no, oh no!) or that I can start on the frame instead? I mean, what if I find out that me and my Love Darg will not make close friends, then 124 edging tips would be wasted.

I put a standard sewing thread (Güterman polyester) besides the 2/80nm from Colourmart. They are pretty mutch the same, except for the sewing thread is tighter spun. So, I'm knitting with sewing thread!!!

Tell me about your knitting (or whatever) disasters!

Meanwhile I'll tell you a little secret, the pattern repeat on page 34 looks like this knitted in a 3/48nm Merino wool yarn on 3.25mm needles. Neat, isn't it?

lördag 12 mars 2011

Love Darg

I started a new huge project. The Love Darg Gossamer shawl. It's a beutiful shawl. Last summer I bought a 150g cone of 2/80nm merino silk blend arn (thread!). 6000m of turquoise/petrol lustrous yarn/thread. I have been saving it for something special, and now I have decided this pattern deserves it. The edging is the one Sharon Miller suggests, not the original. It is only 7cm wide using a 2mm needle. Though, knitting 128 repeats (all way round) made me hesitate to add another insertion to get a wider edging. I'll probably be busy knitting this all summer :-)

tisdag 8 mars 2011

Estonian Jewel in Mohair

I knitted another Estonian Jewel in 10 days. This time in Rowan KidSilk Haze, shade Splendour :-). Three balls exactly, i e 75g. A sturdy but still lacy jewel.

I added another edging. And tassels :-)