söndag 20 februari 2011

Second Lingonberry Leaf shawl

This is my most recent creation. It was finished and blocked here at Grönolen Fjellgaard. We're on vacation in the beautiful Valdres, Norway. We keep returning to this place owned by our friend, the Grönolen Brothers (an excellent chef and an excellent host). It is our second home :-)
The vacation was almost cancelled because the car engine gave up in Årjäng. We had to take a recovery truck back home, change cars and pack it all over again into the old car. Do I have to say, my knitting collapsed too? It took three nights to repair the inner lace edging. We'll, here it is, finally. Valdres-blocked.

Second Lingonberry Leaf shawl is in progress. I chose to knit another one because I got a request for the pattern and it is easier to write while knitting. I just love to knit this shawl so I don't mind. Lovely yarn from Colourmart.com, 3/48nm CashMerino in two shades of purple.

fredag 11 februari 2011

More Barbie knitting

We're throwing a party! 4 off 7-years old girls have invited their classmates and a few more friends to a big party. The guests shall bring one present each and the receiver is unknown. I knitted this dress in case of there will be a number of presents which is not evenly divideable by 4. My daughter is planning to try to get this one, she really-really wants this dress. Of course I have promised to knit another one if she doesn't get it, but she has still got her mind set up to go get this one.

... and then I just had to knit another one :-)

söndag 6 februari 2011

Barbie Birthday

Happy Birthday my little darling E! I'm really glad you appreciated the Barbie clothing I knitted for your 7th birthday!
Here's the swim suit you wished for: The yarn is a stashed vintage cotton from my grandmother Rut.
And the dress:

Knitted in Rauma Röros Lammullgarn. The pants were a suprise, and so was the poncho with braids and tassels:

Please, wish for more of these fun projects!