lördag 30 januari 2010

Workshop at Hantverksmagasinet

I have had such a fun day! The workshop was a little success I think. Probably 50 people came to see us.

torsdag 28 januari 2010

Workshop and lottery

On saturday 30/ 1 and 6/2 we are going to have a workshop at Hantverksmagasinet. There will be items to be inspired by, a lottery and above all we'll be knitting live. Don't miss it! And don't miss the lottery. There'll be a very nice kit sponsored by karmagarn.se. Thank's a lot!

tisdag 26 januari 2010

Rosebud triangle

For an upcoming event, the lace knitting course (a kindered spirit and I hopefully will give this spring) this pattern of a rosebud triangle with matching edging was made. I have to try to knit from the pattern I have prepared myself which is quite a challenge :-). In a couple of days I'll have a soft nice scarf (neckerchief?) made from the 2/28nm 75% merino 25% cashmere yarn Stäkets Hantverk supplies. Nice halo!

Now, I hope there'll be lots of knitters attending the course.

I see I have to change yarns! It is too fragile for beginners. So, I have ordered Grignasco MerinoSilk from karmagarn.se. Also a 2/28 nm lace weight. It's strong and suuuper quality. It won't have the cashmere halo though.

tisdag 12 januari 2010

Viften/The Fan by Marianne Isager

Added 2010-01-26.
Oh no!!! it is too small! even if I swatched and kept the gauge... What on earth? I have to start all over again... But it wasn't too much effort anyway :-). Fun knitting though!

Coming up soon: Cardigan Viften/The Fan by Marianne Isager

I am knitting it in a stashed Scotish lambswool I've had for ages. I think I'll make a narrower waist of the back part by making evenly distributed decreases after about 15cm and increase the same amount after 20cm. We'll see.

lördag 2 januari 2010

Skyline Mittens

The 36x36 mitten pattern by Jessica Tromp in the Netherlands. Knitted in black and light pink Röros Lammeullgarn, 250m/50g. I still have only one :-) I prefer knitting lace. One more to go... I shortened the thumb by three rows, you can see the windows have 4 by 4 stitches. I could, though have increased the width by 2-3 stitches, it became just a little too narrow for me in this yarn.