onsdag 29 december 2010

Writing a pattern

It's not easy. I'm a chatty person and writing patterns requires discipline :-). It's fun and I am experimenting with the pattern. I want people to have value for money so a few sample shawls are required to show the details.

onsdag 22 december 2010

The office, winter photoshots

Christmas will soon be here and Father Frost/King Winther really has made an effort decorating the surroundings. Nice, isn't it!? I love Christmas and I love snow.

Beanie for my brother

My bother has asked me to knit a beanie for him. That’s strange, my brother has never asked for a hand knitted item before…

Well, I had to make a modern beanie for him with extra length giving it a little x-tra top on top of his head. I think, maybe, he would have chosen a more standard one for himself :-). If he doesn't like it, well then my partner can have that one too (he has also asked for a beanie, maybe he has not dared to ask for one until y brother did...). Therfore I am knitting and knitting boring stuff at the moment. Boring but necessary. It's about -20C outside. Brrrr.

söndag 12 december 2010

Estonian jewel

This shawl seems to be the most beautiful thing I have ever knitted. Ravelry response verifies that :-). In a couple of hours after publishing the pictures I think received more nice words than I have received in all my life. Love-love-love. I deserve it! I have worked hard and been good. At Ravlery nobody writes anything negative, just positive things like compliments and pep-talk. Ravelry sets the good example.

Back to this little project, it was not exceptionally fun to knit at the contrary it may have been the worst lace project ever. I have designed it myself (oh no, not the basic pattern repeat, it is from a lovely book, but I made my shawl triangular and added an edging of my preference).

lördag 4 december 2010

Christmas crocheting

A couple of small projects have been produced in between all working and knitting. These are aimed for Christmas cards.