måndag 19 november 2012

Hippeastrum, potatoes and an introduction to Kochin

When the first frosty night arriwed I had to get out in my garden to take out the last potatoes. So, I started digging and there they were, the last hidden ones. Nice! And there! more of them! and more and more and more. I kept on digging for hours. Lord, gardening is good exercise for a consultant, desk bound all days of the week! I think we can live on these for the rest of the month and even longer. What a nice summer memory
But enough of summer talkning, i have started Christmas decoration. I know, it's way too early but I need Christmas. I need flowers, I need light and I need candy.
-Hi, I'm Kochin. I'm a Cochloides laminata, a snail. I try to get out of this jar where I have been held prisoner for weeks. I'm hostage to a 8-year old girl who seems desperate for a pet. She has named me after a species of chickens! What the...! My shell is long and not well designed for high jar climbing, but somehow I need to get out of here. Can't you see me? that's because I was finally released this weekend. Chickens... Hah! See ya' around sometime!

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Anonym sa...

Wonderful!!! Your chic passion for the flowers makes you and us very happy. Thanks.