måndag 28 juni 2010

Ravelry contest, 4 weeks lace

I have added a Ravelry project to the ColourMart Lovers contest. I am again knitting in the Cariaggi Jaipur 2/56nm which I bought from Colourmart.
The appearance is very sheer, you can actually read a magazine through it.

lördag 19 juni 2010

Princess Cakes

On Crown Princess Victorias wedding day we just had to have some cake to celebrate. Two cakes. One home baked to eat and and one crocheted to give to my daughters friend. Happy, happy, wedding! Maybe I should add, the two little girls have played Princesses all day, with Princess cakes.

tisdag 15 juni 2010

Lifeline when using Addi Lace needles

Can you see it? I actually use tape to attach the lifeline. Works better with, not as sticky, kids tape (normally with illustrations). It is a bit tricky, but it's better than not using a lifeline at all. But, the centre is a quite easy knit actually, but slow :-) so the only error made so far (detected one at least) was when I lost a couple of stitches and had to frog 4 rows. Rrrip-it-rrrip-it-rrrip-it. Funny, Swedes version of that sound is something like [koa:ck-koa:ck] which more or less resembles a duck.

Queen Susan, centre progress

About 60 more rows until my eight pattern repeats are done. Slow progress, I have been working days, nights and weekends lately. The centre is quite big. I wonder what the shawl would look like with the frame and edging. Maybe it will be more than 4 square metres... I am considering just knitting an edging around and leave it.

More ice cream

More ice cream from the Ravelry free pattern "Scooped". This time a couple of soft servings in waffer cones.