söndag 15 maj 2011

For Lapariagotte, poncho

I will try to describe how to knit the poncho main body by some text and the two pictures below (please note the diagrams are an example I haven't got the Poncho pattern at hand at the moment so please follow the instruction carefully):

The poncho main body is knitted in the quite easy Feather & Fan lace pattern. The front and back section are separated by two plain stitches and on each side of these on every other row you are supposed to increase a stich before and after those (4 stitches in total every other row). As the number of stitches increases more repeats of lace holes and corresponding K2TOG may be inserted. Keep track on the YOs and make sure there is an equal number off K2TOGs else the body will grow or get smaller than it is supposed to.

On the very first lace row the pattern has no decreases at all. It's the "set-up row" as you can read in the Sharon Miller "Heirloom knitting" book, Cobweb crepe shawl pattern frame. Like this:

Therfore the number of stitches increases a lot after the first row. Just mark the centre stitches before you start (make sure the number off stiches match the pattern)and follow the written instruction as many times as you can fit in before you reach the first marked stitch.

* means just a plain knit stitch
o means yarn over

Then the lace rows consist of the basic pattern repeat on every fourth row:

* means just a plain knit stitch
o means yarn over
/ means knit 2 together
\ means slip one knitwise, knit next stitch and pass slipped stitch over the one you just knitted

Good luck! and welcome back if you meet more trouble.


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emmanuelle sa...

I had no idea you'll write a post especially for me !!!
I'll read it in depth as soon as my brain is less sleepy (hopefully tomorow !)
Big TACK (hope Google translation is ok)