måndag 21 mars 2011

Tell me about your disasters!

Oh my godness, the yarn snapped off after only 5 Love Darg edging tips. I can't really blame it on the yarn being too weak, no at the contrary it is quite strong (for being spun 40000m/kg...) it just couldn't bear the weight of the cone. Does this mean I should wind off a piece (no, no, oh no!) or that I can start on the frame instead? I mean, what if I find out that me and my Love Darg will not make close friends, then 124 edging tips would be wasted.

I put a standard sewing thread (Güterman polyester) besides the 2/80nm from Colourmart. They are pretty mutch the same, except for the sewing thread is tighter spun. So, I'm knitting with sewing thread!!!

Tell me about your knitting (or whatever) disasters!

Meanwhile I'll tell you a little secret, the pattern repeat on page 34 looks like this knitted in a 3/48nm Merino wool yarn on 3.25mm needles. Neat, isn't it?

2 kommentarer:

fleegle sa...

So few people bother to comment--annoying, isn't it? Your lace looks lovely! And yes, my Percy is very soft :)

Aisling sa...

Hi, I love the colour of your Love Darg (I love blue, any shade and am always drawn to it!) and your heavier version looks stunning too!