lördag 12 mars 2011

Love Darg

I started a new huge project. The Love Darg Gossamer shawl. It's a beutiful shawl. Last summer I bought a 150g cone of 2/80nm merino silk blend arn (thread!). 6000m of turquoise/petrol lustrous yarn/thread. I have been saving it for something special, and now I have decided this pattern deserves it. The edging is the one Sharon Miller suggests, not the original. It is only 7cm wide using a 2mm needle. Though, knitting 128 repeats (all way round) made me hesitate to add another insertion to get a wider edging. I'll probably be busy knitting this all summer :-)

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Ühltje sa...

You wanted a comment?
I am so exited to see you do the Love Darg. I'm working on the Lerwick Lace Shawl myself and it's proving to be very involved so far. I had thought that I could just follow the pattern and slog on, but there are decisions to be made at every corner, so to speak.

Knitritious sa...


Yeah, the huge Shetland shawl projects require lots of effort in getting the pieces the way they are supposed. Decisions, decisions over and over again. Thank heaven for Ravelry and all the ravelers putting details of their projects in.