måndag 23 augusti 2010


It's time for a little reunion. Some of the "pupils" of the knitting class I held this winter have asked for some inspiration and help to get started on new projects. So, I have plenty of space in my office and I would appreciate some knitting company. Therefore I have started asking, the most eager knitters, if they would like to come over.

I have stashed a lot of yarn and written a couple of patterns.

Welcome! and don't forget to bring the result of the knitting class :-)

If you were not invited it was because the number of seats are limited, but go ahead and tell me if you want this knitting evening to take place again!

1 kommentar:

Systrarna Hjertén sa...

Låter mysigt med stickningskväll! Inget för mig dock är total sticknings-analfabet!

Är hemma idag, E är sjuk. Hann vara på dagis 1 vecka innan förkylningen slog till...

Hoppas ni är friska!