onsdag 25 augusti 2010


Fall is arriving, so I decided to knit a poncho. Ponchos are very trendy at the moment, but I was never fond of them earlier. It took some time for me to put a shawl on, and now I wear one almost every day, so maybe if I go into training I can do the same with a poncho? Certainly if it is a Rowan Kid Silk Haze poncho made completely in Shetland lace technique. I must tell you a little secret, I have become a bit too aware of the appearance of the finished details so I am purling every other row knitting it in the round to avoid the seam. Yes, of course I could have sticked to stockinette stitches, but that wouldn't be the same, so I am purling, and purling instead of just knitting a garter stitch item! So if I like the design very much I can stand a little inconvenience. By the way... I look forward to make the tassles :-), this time they are in the pattern from start. I like the pattern!

2 kommentarer:

Systrarna Hjertén sa...

Jag fattar inte ett dugg (av stickdetaljerna), men det blir säkert en superfin poncho, lite träning är nog allt som krävs för att du ska gilla att ha på dig den!

Saknade er på fotbollen!


strikkoman sa...

Jeg forstår det heller ikke, altså. Du er bare way beyond meg på strikkefronten, det er godt å ha en rådgiver!!