onsdag 30 september 2009

Princess centre

The Princess after soft blocking. It was not easily performed because of the size. Can you see the error? I have decided I can't ;-) I was right about the centre, this was the way to go otherwise the suggested No of rows of the border (= pick-up stitches) would have been too many compared to the border length. I think that following the pattern would have given it wrong proportions. What would I have done without maths? At the last centre joins (about 10?) I increased pick-up speed to try to force the first and the last feather to gather a little at the contact points to the centre. I have seen this has been a problem to other Princesses. I am though not sure I succeeded, but I hope final blocking will help on this problem. 43 edging points is all that remains and a few quick fixes of small errors. I wonder if that hotel I used last time I was blocking a Shetland shawl still has the big carpet...?

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