fredag 21 augusti 2009

Princess progress

Finally the border (about 160 000 stitches) is finished and about 5000 stitches (100 rows) are done on the centre. Meaning there are about 55 000 stitches more to go before the last tedious edging can be started. I couldn't just stick to the pattern, because when you get to the centre it is getting less detailed which is a pity. I think many knitters will make mistakes there. Sharon does not say how many pattern repeats to knit. She knitted her centre separetely and sew it in place. Thereby she probably could make a bespoke centre just big enough to gather the border neatly. If you follow the pattern, though, the centre would be about 650 rows (because you pick up one stitch at the end of every row. Estimating 3mm per row would give about 2m half diagonal length and about 2.8m total length from top to tip... :-). Therefore, at the laurel leaf insert I omitted the last row where many of the recently reduced stitches would be back on the needle. Meaning I decreased the total number of stitches into 357 from 709 (I have 9 feathers instead of 11). That will, if my approximative calculation is about right, give just above 1m length of the centre (half diagonal measure, tip to toe). Together with 70cm border and edging and another 10cm top edging it will be about 1.7m (pattern says 1.6m) from top to tip. The shawl looks as a lovely little mess. It's hard to see it will be a planar triangle... but I tried some partial blocking, and Sharon might be right "It gets alright in the end". Ihope.

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strikkoman sa...

Jeg gir meg ende over.

Tusen takk for de fantastiske vottene! Du må jo legge dem ut her også. Fargene, pynten, everything, jeg kan ikke vente til det blir kaldt nok (når vi nå endelig bor på den varme kanten av landet, typisk).