måndag 16 maj 2016

Anita Yarn shawl

Hi there! I've started on a new shawl. A Shetland shawl and it's my own design. I have dedicated this shawl to the 1ply Gotland from Anita Yarn. For me, this is a bulky yarn which I bought from Anita Yarns little booth at "Fårfest i Kil" this spring. The wool origins from the breed Gotland sheep, and spun by Båvens Spinneri. It wasn't the cheapest yarn I've bought. No it's the opposite, my most expensive yarn purchase ever. But, who cares? it was worth it.

The yarn is fantastic! It's fuzzy, it's one single thread, it's shiny it's soft and the smell of it, or rather fragrance, is just fantastic. It smells of soap, and I don't mean like a bathroom bar of soap, but sticky green soap for floor scrubbing blended with sheep wool grease. Anita, this is a special yarn in all senses, for all senses.

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