måndag 17 september 2012

Knitting Queen Susan for Susan

Dearest Susan has asked me to knit for her. Normally I don't... but she's getting married and she's from Britain and she wants me to knit a veil in Shetland Lace, so tell me how can I refuse? At least I have said I'll have a go and we'll see where it brings us. So I have digged into my stash of yarn (there is plenty of yarn/thread there, that's for sure, but seldom exactly what I want) and there it was, my special cone of cashmere silk 2/48nm thread that I have saved for a special occasion. Seems like the special occassion is here and the yarn is yelling to me -Knit-knit-knit, I want to become a veil! I have started and it's going to be a nice autumn companion. The centre pattern is from the Queen Susan shawl (indeed, the Ravelry project) and I think the Christening Apron edging from Heirloom knitting is the combination of patterns I'll knit this time (if I get there...?). You're right, no frame, I refuse to knit a frame on a veil. Sewing will ruin the appearance and it'll get too large and too heavy and I probably won't be able to finish it before the wedding and I don't think anyone would like to see the Addi Lace needles sticking out from the bride's hair.

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Anonym sa...

Du er bare så god :) Og veldig spent på hvordan det blir.