lördag 28 juli 2012

Sweet Corn Shawl

The orange Ecdho Flower Shawl is finally finished! It is 100% merino from Colourmart and despite the 2/28nm lace weight I used 4.0mm needles to get an openwork lace to show off both the pattern and the nupps. 9-stitch nupps is a killer... but necessary in dyed yarns, else they won't be visible. The pattern is not difficult but the special stitches take time to knit. The pattern is though easy to follow and the repeats quickly stick. Lovely pattern, but I think it needs tassels,and I am gonna make many of them this time. Almost 900m yarn spent excluding the tassels.

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Christina sa...

Denna sjalen är ju bara helt ljuvlig! Fantastisk!