måndag 23 april 2012

Springtime Lingonberry Leaf Shawl

I'm longing for the garden to wake up from winter hibernation! I have a huge project in front of me to start arranging a new garden because I left my old one last year. Waiting for the flowers I needed a new project, something fun in a crazy flowery color to knit and I decided to have another go with my Lingonberry Leaf shawl. My Knit Pro Rose haven't been kind to me and this yarn, but still I decided to keep going to test my patience. 15/4 it was finally time for the beautiful outer edging and 22/4 I started on the inner edging. I must say the outer edging is fun to knit! Elaborate but easy to knit in the TV sofa. Over two months ago the Cranes arrived. I think they're on eggs somewhere because only the male bird takes the daily stroll through the garden nowadays.

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