lördag 29 januari 2011

The CheerMom's KAL

Some of us Moms´, waiting when our daughters are training Cheer, have started a little KAL (Knit Along). It will be a shawl or a Möbius scarf which can be worn as a poncho, scarf, neckerchief or... A very versatile little thing. The chosen yarn is the lovely Rowan Kid Silk Haze (or equivalent about 215m/25g). The pattern, we haven't got a proper pattern, is just a few scribbled lines of instruction to follow. We are making a bias knit (stickas på skrådden).Two of us are using size 7mm needles, so it's a very quick and easy knit. Therefore I bought the whole KnitPro Rose special edition interchangeable needles. They are just wonderful when knitting the thin mohair yarn. I'm not sure I really needed new needles, but good equipment is essential isn't it?

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