torsdag 29 juli 2010

Tassled Estonian Miralda

The Nancy Bush Miralda shawl needed tassles, don't you agree? A lovely shawl wich is better in reality than in the book. I extended the pattern for a symmetric shawl. I used two strands of yarn which become a 4-ply 100% cashmere from Colourmart which in its original 2-ply should be about 2/22nm. The shawl took 56g yarn and including tassles it's 63g (693m if I have guessed the yarn weight correctly), which means there is plenty of yarn left for another equivalent! I used 4.5mm Knit Pro which gave me a 196cm hypotenuse and 81cm from top to tip (blocked size, relaxed it is slightly smaller).

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Systrarna Hjertén sa...

Snyggt som vanligt!!


Anonym sa...

såå läckert...Ebru