torsdag 22 april 2010

Queen Susan Shawl

I have just about started knitting the Queen ring Susan Shawl. The Ravelry Heirloom project which has such a fascinating history. I am very sorry I missed the opportunity to participate. Though, I am though not sure I want to make another big square shawl at the moment which will take a year something ( done it...). Maybe I will change the yarn, even if dull grey was a long time since I had on my pins :-). It is not dull at all. It is actually a very nice contrast to my most recent projects. Don't miss this pattern, it's all free!

I am testing how to change the flowers the under the bows of small flowers.

Can you see how they resemble each other? Painting on the shoe, and this antique pattern. The same Heirloom all over :-).

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Systrarna Hjertén sa...


I have finally found your blog, I misplaced the note I got from you…typically me!

I see that you are writing your blog in English, I guess I better comment on it in the same manner?!

I’m impressed by all your own design! I’m even more impressed of the fact that you can create all this and speak and be social at the same time, which I have seen with my own eyes!!!

I like the wooden clogs!

See you on Sunday on the show…

Kind Regards,
Frida (Ebbas mum)

loppan sa...

You are Fantastic Bea!
I am impressed.
Hope to see you soon.

Knitritious sa...

Välkomna hit Darlings! Tack för att ni säger så snälla saker. Tog ni upp stickorna efter besöket så har jag lyckats...

Anonym sa...

Oh my God. You are sooo creative. Very nice design on the flower, just matches your lovely clogs.

Anonym sa...

Oh my God.. You are so creative..matching flower pattern with your lovely clogs.