måndag 22 mars 2010

What's this? An Estonian highway? No, it's Estonian lace

Lovely, lovely Estonian lace. Knitted in 2/28 nm baby pink CashMerino from Zegna Baruffa/Colourmart. Light as a feather, 32.5g. Bolockd size, before relaxation, about 40cm times 150cm. Much smaller in relaxed condition. This yarn is so soft, I love it! I have ordered in total 6 cones (150g each) so there will be no problem starting new projects as the inspiration hits me, and it usually hits me hard ;-) .

So far I have blocked the scarf with pins at about 10cm distance in between (lengthwise), making it look like there is an edging, but it's all fake :-). Though, was planning to knit an edging until I saw the beauty of this simple lace. Maybe in the future... but there are so many things that have to be finished first (UFOs...).

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Vad snygg den blev! Stickade du någon bård eller blockade du uddar? Mvh Lena Alm

Knitritious sa...

Tackar! Nej, det blev ingen bård (ännu). Den blev sååå fin ändå tyckte jag (trots asymmetriskt mönster...). Tack Linnéa för inspirationen! Hur gick det för dig Lena? Har du startat nå't nytt? Citron kanske :-)?

Anonym sa...

Nej det har inte blivit någon Citron ännu och ingen ny sjal heller. Väntar på den "stora blå" boken som jag har beställt sen får vi se vad det blir! Lena