tisdag 26 januari 2010

Rosebud triangle

For an upcoming event, the lace knitting course (a kindered spirit and I hopefully will give this spring) this pattern of a rosebud triangle with matching edging was made. I have to try to knit from the pattern I have prepared myself which is quite a challenge :-). In a couple of days I'll have a soft nice scarf (neckerchief?) made from the 2/28nm 75% merino 25% cashmere yarn Stäkets Hantverk supplies. Nice halo!

Now, I hope there'll be lots of knitters attending the course.

I see I have to change yarns! It is too fragile for beginners. So, I have ordered Grignasco MerinoSilk from karmagarn.se. Also a 2/28 nm lace weight. It's strong and suuuper quality. It won't have the cashmere halo though.

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