lördag 5 december 2009

Finished objects, les Boleros!

Finished boleros!

This one is knitted in an estonian "lilly of the valley pattern" at the centre and framed by old shell pattern and a lacy edging all the way round. I knitted it in Rowan Kid Silk Haze, colour Cream. Nice, soft, snug fit, and above all it's my own design.

Dear friend, the russian earrings work very well as stitch markers. Lovely n'est ce pas? Thanks a lot for the effort going all the way to Izmailova to get them for me.

This is my daughter's bolero.

My 5-year old and I were blocking the shawl collar bolero/cardigan together. A UFO I started some time ago which got too small for me but will fit her.

Blocking such a cardigan is difficult, but I invented a bespoke blocker by using my daughters Duplo LEGO container. It is tubular and perfect for the arms. The rest is blocked circular by pins on a matress. It looks very funny!

I got the fantastic yarn as a present from a friend in Norway. It is Malabrigo lace in colour Holly Hock 148. It is a 1-ply baby merino wool from Uruguay. Lovely soft, I'd say it is as soft as cashmere. Handspun and hand dyed too which gives an interesting texture and a variegated appearance, but subtle enough not to mess up the lace pattern. First time 1 ply knitting for me, but this yarn is probably heavily steam set because it has no resudual bias, nor has it much elasticity which is very rare for merino yarn (my experience of 2-ply lace weight yarns).

60g is all the cardigan took, and the rest will be a chunkier shawl (than I usually make).

The edging is from A Gathering of Lace. It is perfect for a circular shape because it can be blocked to spread at the outer rim.

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Jättefina, Bea!
Så bra att du inte tröttnade efter att du stickade min. Du kan vara mycket stolt!!