söndag 8 november 2009

Lace, a lot

Orchids in bloom always cheer me up. These are Miltoniposis looking like the hybrid named 'Herralexandre'. They are difficult ones, though.

This is the beautifully beaded Aeolian shoulderette, www.knitty.com. But, I normally do not stick to a pattern, so this Aeolian will be a garter stitch version. Looks OK so far. I knit it in a "heavy" weigtht Merino 7500 (2/14nm) from Filati Angoramerino bought from www.staketshantverk.com. It gets nicely soft after washing an blooms a lot as baby merinos should, which almost looks like its felting a bit. The halo will give a nice and warm sholderette. The yarn will require thorough washing to get rid of the spinning oil.

What happened? How many UFOs are there at the moment? At least four new projects. If I dig deeper into the yarn boxes there are probably many more I have forgotten completely.

2 kommentarer:

Eva i Stäket sa...

Kul att se vad du ha på G av Angoramerinon. Aeolian är en väldigt vacker sjal!!

Anonym sa...

Hej Stumpan! Vilket fint hantverk du gjort med alla de vackra sjalarna! Jag kan varken virka eller hålla orkidéer vid liv..... men jag är en jävel på att slå klackarna i taket och dricka champers! Kram till er alla i Åmål från Josefin